Positive Medicine Physician Mastermind

Learn how to live with less stress, more fulfillment and financial independence without quitting your job!

Learn how to become happier, more fulfilled and financially independent!

“It’s the Course We Wish We Had Taken in Medical School”


Burned Out on Burnout?

Learn how to increase Personal Well-Being, Professional Fulfillment, and Financial Independence without Quitting Your Job. 

If you are like most doctors, you are sick of hearing about burnout. There is a big debate on whether burnout is real or whether physicians are suffering from something more sinister like moral injury or human rights violations. That doesn’t matter. In the end, no matter what name we give the problem, the real issue is that physicians are in fact suffering. We are suffering a lot. Some of us, around one physician per day, are forced to alleviate their suffering by taking their own life. Each year, a million patients lose their physicians to suicide. Many more physicians suffer in silence and self-medicate with drugs/alcohol in order to function.

As physicians trained in positive psychology, we have been deeply committed to helping other physicians, students, and trainees improve their well-being. A focus on well-being is a welcome change in medicine.  But is it enough?

Many of us no longer experience the same levels of meaning and fulfillment that should be inherent to the practice of medicine. We want to spend more time with our patients but are often forced to trade presence for productivity. We crave meaningful connections with the sick but find ourselves hoping this will be their last complaint. We want to go home energized after a day of serving others but find ourselves too exhausted to play with our kids

Physicians are among the most intelligent, hard-working and (yes) resilient people in the world. Do we really need more resilience modules to help us get through our days?  We are suffering because the system has tipped so far toward profit, that we have lost sight of what matters most. We are suffering because we are too depleted to stand together in the defense of our colleagues and the ideal practice of medicine. It is time to reclaim the joy and meaning in our work and in our lives. It is time to live the kind of life we all dreamt of living when we were young. We may be suffering but we are not weak. We are strong. We are already resilient enough. It’s time that we started acting like it.

Rather than assume a passive victim role of an under-appreciated, burned-out physician desperate to leave medicine, we can use our unique combination of intelligence, creativity and grit to take back control of our personal and professional lives.

So how do we do this?


We can work together…

We can work together to create a new model of medicine. One that has a focus on flourishing rather than simply avoiding burnout. One that teaches us how to optimize our highly trained skillset (physician zone) that is critical for fulfillment. One that provides a practical road map to both optimal functioning and financial independence that allows physicians to work on their terms. This new model is called Positive Medicine and with it, we can reclaim the meaning and joy that has been depleted from our profession. Instead of paving the way out for unhappy physicians, we can create a stable platform that attracts the best and brightest into the field, enables doctors to stand tall, thrive personally and professionally, and ultimately heal the world.

The Positive Medicine Program utilizes proprietary, scientifically validated assessments and physiologic measures of well-being to create objective and meaningful change in physician’s lives. This evidence-based program introduces the science of positive psychology, along with proven strategies to increase organizational efficiency and financial literacy. The concepts are explored through personalized sessions, interactive exercises and take-home strategies that have been proven to increase lasting well-being. This program addresses the underlying root causes of discontent that many of us feel and tailors personalized solutions to optimize both external workplace stressors as well as individual stress responses. 

This proven program has enabled physicians to find more fulfillment in their daily practice of medicine, make smarter financial decisions, spend more quality time with their families, and create lasting improvements in their well-being!

The average improvement in well-being is 34%!

Powerful, Practical, and Personal

This is a concise and practical program to increasing your daily happiness (or “flourishing” as Dr. Katyal states). It incorporates ancient wisdom and current scientific knowledge to give you practical tips on making your life more meaningful to you on a daily basis. This should be a primer for all physicians. I wish someone had shared these insights with me when I was much younger.

Rajiv K, MD


The next mastermind event is limited to 20 spots and will be closed soon.

Will Next Year Be Different?

Don’t wait any longer to…

Reclaim joy and professional fulfillment in your daily practice of medicine.

  • Have more connection and impact.
  • Work at your highest skill level to maximize meaningful interactions with patients and colleagues.
  • Learn how to optimize your work environment to achieve FLOW so you can come home energized for your family

Have a thriving family
and home life.

  • Be fully engaged in your kid’s lives.
  • ​Have more time, energy and presence with your friends and family.
  • Raise compassionate, resilient, and responsible kids who care about the world and not just their social media following.
Achieve financial independence and practice medicine on your own terms

  • Be fully engaged in your kid’s lives.
  • ​Change your spending habits to optimize your well-being
  • ​Learn step by step strategies for successful real-estate investing without fixing leaks

I was fortunate to be a participant in the Positive Medicine Mastermind. Our six on-line sessions were extremely efficient and well-structured, with ample time for questions as well as well-prepared course material. The course directors, Jordyn and Sanj, were also both accessible via phone, text and email throughout the course and were highly engaged and dynamic instructors.

As a clinician likely in the middle of my career, I am experiencing some of the ultra-prevalent burnout that affects so many physicians. The course provided me with tools that were very effective. The evidence-based approach of course appealed to me as a physician and the packaging of material made it very ‘digestible’ in a busy life.

Sarah V., MD

Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab

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Below is a sample of some concepts reviewed during each event. Depending upon individual assessments and goals, different topics may be emphasized over others.

What is Positive Medicine™?

  • The absence of burnout does not equal the presence of well-being
  • ​We want to flourish not just function 
  • ​What does it mean to flourish?
  • ​Physicians need positive psychology: the scientific study of what makes life worth living
  • ​What is wrong with the “medical model,” and how do we reconcile these values with the latest science in positive psychology?
  • ​The Positive Medicine approach to physician flourishing: personal well-being, professional fulfillment and financial independence
  • ​Positive Interventions: putting the science to work in our own lives

Hedonic Adaptation: What we should have learned in medical school!

  • Physicians are masters in delayed gratification: cultivation of the “I’ll be happy when” mindset
  • We adapt to all positive and constant things in our lives: we are wired to take our jobs, our house, and even our family for granted.
  • ​What we pay attention to becomes our reality
  • ​Learn how to pay attention to the good, and the good will appreciate
  • ​Money can buy happiness: experiences not possessions
  • ​Set up a gratitude practice in less than 2 minutes per day
  • ​Negative visualization and the drive home from work

Meditation, Mindfulness and Workflow

  • Attention is the new currency
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV): independent prognostic indicator of all-cause mortality
  • ​Brain MRI changes and the emerging field of Health Neuroscience
  • ​Deep work and cultivation of attention capital
  • ​Physiologic measures of mindfulness practice
  • ​Workflow, Quality and Fatigue: Stay in the Physician Zone!
  • ​How to meditate

Character Strengths and Flow: How to Cultivate Peak Experiences on Demand

  • Virtue and the road to happiness
  • Signature strengths and why they matter?
  • How do we measure them?
  • ​How do we use them at work and at home?
  • ​Savoring and enhancing positive experiences
  • ​What is Flow?
  • ​Can we really experience flow at work?

Financial Freedom for Physicians!

  • My path to real estate investing
  • ​What is the true measure of wealth?
  • ​Convert active income into passive income 
  • Create systems to automate your finances
  • ​Effective spending habits to optimize your happiness
  • ​Landlord and full-time physician – it’s easier than you think!

Plan to Flourish: Putting it all together!

  • What makes up a great day?
  • Essentialism and the 80/20 rule
  • Priorities, core habits and constraints to create lasting change
  • ​The most effective positive psychology interventions for busy physicians
  • ​Develop and implement a customized plan to flourish in 15 minutes per day!

The next mastermind event is limited to 20 spots and will be closed soon.


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“Sanj Katyal masterfully weaves philosophy and psychology, timeless wisdom and modern research, deep analysis and practical tools. This book can help you fulfill your potential for success and happiness.”

—Tal Ben-Shahar, bestselling author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want